Midweek Learn-to-Race p/b MEC and Criterium Series Preregistration

Always bring your UCI licence or Citizen Permit every time you participate in a Midweek event.

This form does not include pre-payment. Applicable fees are collected at sign in (cash only).

Pre-register only once for the season. You must pre-register before noon on the day of your first participation. If you've registered for LTR and want to start racing Criteriums please email info@midweekclub.ca.

Preregistration confirms you've read the tech guide (check the website for updates).

Please enter a valid licence

All racers must have a valid Citizen Permit or UCI Road Licence. Do not enter your UCI ID (e.g. 10048484612)

Licences must be purchased a minimum of 2 business days before participating in any Midweek events

All racers must present their actual racing licence card (not receipt of purchase) or a PDF version sent from the OCA

Out of province and unlicenced riders please contact andrew@midweekclub.ca

Please enter a valid email

All new racers are STRONGLY encouraged to complete Midweek's Learn-to-Race before lining up for the Criterium Series.

Please select a category

Women racers please select Early or Late as your category. Each week you may choose to race your category OR the Women's race, but not both.

Please select